Research and innovation is at the heart of Aura Optical Systems. Our goal is to leverage our technology to the advantage of our customers to create long-lasting partnerships.

We have expertise in both glass-bead and microprismatic retroreflective technologies. We utilize our glass-bead technologies in various license plate and vehicle graphics film products. Meanwhile, our microprismatic technology can provide reflectivity levels up to twenty times brighter than glass-beads and is utilized in conspicuity tape and various traffic safety products.

The technologies behind our prismatic reflective products include our electroforming, optical tooling, and microreplication capabilities. Microreplication is the process by which millions of three-dimensional microstructures are continuously formed onto thin plastic film. In fact, our conspicuity tape products contain over 53,000 microprisms per square-inch. While we currently utilize this platform as the enabling technology behind many of our retroreflective products, it can also be applied in a variety of other industries from electronics to displays.

We also have extensive experience with a broad range of polymeric films and coatings, including acrylic, vinyl, polycarbonate, urethane and many other polymers. When combined with our expertise in adhesives and reflective optical technologies, Aura Optical Systems has the capabilities to tackle a broad range of projects and technical challenges.

In 2007, the company opened a brand new research facility outside of Dallas, Texas. The facility was subsequently expanded in 2009. Our laboratory equipment is state-of-the-art and includes several optical and surface analytical instruments.

Please contact us with your next reflective film or adhesive film project. We can put our technology to work for you as the first step in creating a long-lasting relationship.