• Conspicuity Tapes

    From Europe to Asia...North America to Latin America, we can offer
    a conspicuity tape for nearly any global standard. All of these products
    feature an industry-leading adhesive system for bonding to a
    variety of truck and trailer surfaces.
  • Signing Materials

    We offer both microprismatic and glass-bead sheetings for the fabrication
    of traffic signs. Our fluorescent prismatic sheetings are exceptionally durable
    and enhance sign visibility 24-hours each day.
  • Digital Printing

    Most of our products can be digitally printed with a variety of solvent, UV,
    or latex printing systems. Printing profiles are available for use with
    HP Latex Digital Printers.
  • Workzone Solutions

    Our microprismatic workzone sheetings feature a rugged, single-layer
    construction for a more durable workzone device. We offer many pre-striped
    color combinations to meet the global demands of the workzone barricade
    and delineator markets.
  • <

    Vehicle Safety

    We offer an array of reflective and fluorescent adhesive films to enhance
    both the daytime and nighttime visibility of your fleet.

Aura Optical Systems

Specialists in adhesive films and retroreflective film technologies.

Aura Optical Systems is a small, privately-held company based in Fort Worth, Texas that specializes in reflective film and pressure-sensitive adhesive products. We were established in 2007 and have rapidly grown into a global supplier of reflective films using our proprietary technology.

Research and innovation are the cornerstones of the company, and we are constantly seeking opportunities to leverage our technology and know-how for the benefit of our customers. We have a state-of-the-art laboratory in our Fort Worth headquarters with the capabilities to support many different projects.

Our customers range from large multi-national companies to small family-owned businesses. Regardless of size, the goal with each is to create a long- standing partnership. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations through service and rapid response, whether that means taking the ocassional after-hours call or working overtime to fulfill a last minute order.

We want to be an extension of each client's company as a unique solution provider...a partner in product development, technology and manufacturing. We have a broad range of converting services to allow product customization, and our smaller size allows us to act quickly without the red tape and bureaucracy of our larger competition.

Although we are a small company headquartered in the United States, we have a global presence. Our products are manufactured on four continents, allowing us to respond to customer inquiries from around the globe. In 2012, we opened an office in the United Kingdom to enhance our service to customers across Europe. With a network of distribution established around the world, we have intimate knowledge of how the specification and performance requirements differ in various countries, and our products are specifically designed with these requirements in mind.

Our technology incorporates both glass bead and microprismatic optical capabilities. Underlying our prismatic products are our microreplication and proprietary optical tooling technologies, which enables us to form over 53,000 micropsrisms per square inch of film.

Our research and development team has extensive experience with adhesives, polymers, and optics to design high-performing products. We invest heavily in research to develop new intellectual property with the goal of bringing new and innovative products to market each year.

Our Featured Products

The products of Aura Optical Systems cut across a broad range of industries, technologies, and applications.