AURA 139 Fluorescent Vinyl

With our colorfastness technology, the AURA 139 fluorescent vinyl films do not fade to a white color. Perfect for vehicle graphics and exceeds ECE-070-1 requirements for heavy truck marking plates.

Product Information

AURA 139 Fluorescent Vinyl films are designed for extended outdoor use. Unlike many competitive materials, which often fade completely to white in only a short time frame, each of the AURA 139 Fluorescent Vinyl colors incorporates a proprietary blend of both fluorescent and non-fluorescent colorants. As such, although the fluorescent appearance will eventually fade, the non-fluorescent colorants will remain to allow for extended outdoor usage. Two colors are currently available.

AURA 139 Fluorescent Red is a premium calendared vinyl film with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. The product has been independently certified to exceed the requirements of the ECE-070-01 Standard for Heavy Vehicle Rear Marking Plates.

Data Bulletin – Fluorescent Red
Independent Test Report

AURA 139 Fluorescent Yellow-Green provides an excellent option for vehicle graphics and high visibility warning chevrons on the sides and rear of emergency vehicles, utility trucks, and other commercial vehicles. The product contains a repositionable adhesive to simplify installation of the vehicle graphics.

Data Bulletin – Fluorescent Yellow-Green